12x8 Flightmasters Sign NewFlightMasters members and guests enjoy flying most every type of RC aircraft including Scale, Aerobatic, 3D, Sport, Trainer, Antique, Warbirds, Combat, Foamies, Helicopters, and even a few Control-line planes.  
Some of our members are "Totally Electric" guys who fly nothing but electric power and some are "Old Timers" who prefer the smell of nitromethane and high octane gasoline.  We are comfortable with, and have room for all!
The old Highway 71 "Flightmasters Field" is gone due to the new I-49 highway corridor.   Having forseen the need for a new location we found our present location and have built a larger and better facility in the Chaffee Crossing area.  Our new field, called "Chaffee Crossing Field," is located just north of Arkansas Highway 22, almost directly north of where the old Fort Chaffee main gate stood.
The turnoff is to the north of Highway 22, where the railroad tracks cross Highway 22.   You will see our sign (shown above) on the north side of Highway 22, about 1/8 of a mile east of the I-49 overpass -- there at the railroad crossing.   Our sign is located just next to the gravel road leading to our field.  Simply go through the yellow gateposts and follow the signs.
Chaffee Crossing Field has two runways that are Six Hundred (600) feet long, forming an exaggerated "T" pattern.   The orientation of the runways almost always allow flying with the sun at your back.   Both runways are in excess of Sixty feet wide, and the surface is close-cropped grass. MG 8530
There is ample "pit area" for erecting your own temporary cover as well as plenty of parking adjacent to each pit area and flight line.   We try to be helpful to newcomers to our hobby.    Experienced Pilots can be available to check a new member's models and to take those without experience safely through first flights.
FMACFieldThis map provides an overvie of our location and detailed maps and directions can be found by clicking on the "Maps" link in the top menu.  
We are easy to find!   
If you visited us when we first opened this field, you may be harboring bad memories of the road condition leading to the field.   The road has had much work done over the past two years and it is still ongoing.    New rock and gravel have been put down and the road is now good even in bad weather.  There are no "potholes" or ruts like there was two years ago, and as money becomes available more will be done to smooth it even further.  
Don't let the road condition hinder you -- it is much better than it was two years ago.
 MG 8470Chaffee Crossing Field has a covered concrete pavillion for visitors and two smaller covered concrete pads for pilots.  We have plenty of space and a large parking area.  Our overfly area is practically as far as you can see. 
  MG 8474Come visit us!



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